Finance Minister asks for donations for the budget, while her NGO takes money from the Innovation Fund


The non-governmental organization of the Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska received money from the Innovation Fund in the midst of the epidemic. Instead of worrying about dealing with the crisis and the budget hole, and after the lies about a full and liquid budget, she cares how her SDSM associates get money from the Innovation Fund, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski said at Friday’s press conference.

“The web platfom “Digital Services” developed by the NGO of the Minister of Finance, is actually a copy of the Internet platform “Digital Solidarity” in Serbia. This platform in Macedonia was paid with money from the Innovation Fund as part of the public call “Creaton”, and was made by an organization whose president is Nina Angelovska and whose governing bodies have people close to the ruling SDSM. The Innovation Fund continues to be a Fund for SDSM and its people. The Minister of Finance, known for her statements about liquidity and budget without problems at the beginning of the crisis, is now probably more concerned about how to keep her people in the NGO than the workers in the Macedonian economy,” says Stoilkovski.

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