Discussion over possible election dates on the leaders’ meeting


Party leaders are holding Tuesday a meeting at the presidential residence, where for
over two hours they have been discussing possible dates for the 2020 early
parliamentary elections. It’s uncertain whether an election date is going to be set.
SDSM leader Zoran Zaev believes elections should be held as soon as the first
window of opportunity emerges. VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski insists on
election face-off of the parties by the end of the summer.
“The meeting hosted by President Stevo Pendarovski is under way. We expect the
interest of the citizens to be put above everything else and that a concrete election
date will be set. From a health, economic and democratic point of view, it would be
responsible of us to have parliamentary elections at the first window of opportunity,
as soon as the conditions permit it according to the recommendations of the health
authorities,” Zaev wrote in a Facebook post.
SDSM sources say they expect that the leaders at today’s meeting will put the
citizens’ and the state interest above everything else.

“No running away from responsibility, the citizens are what matter the most. It is the
only way to achieve an agreement on a concrete date for the elections, which was
postponed due to the health crisis,” they say.
Mickoski proposed at the leaders’ meeting that elections should be held in late
summer, brief VMRO-DPMNE sources.
The end of the summer, they say, is proposed for being the least dangerous for
public health and because it is expected the coronacrisis to stabilize by then. In the
meantime, the State Election Commission would have enough time to organize an
election process that is safe enough for public health.
This proposal, VMRO-DPMNE says, is a proof that we are not running away from
elections. “VMRO-DPMNE is a favorite to win the elections, but the party cares for
the health of the citizens.”
DUI is in favor of elections as soon as possible only if it doesn’t put the health of the
citizens at risk.
“We are in favor of elections as soon as possible, because we believe the country
needs institutions with a full decision-making political capacity. It’s key that public
health isn’t further at risk and that logistics is provided,” Deputy PM Bujar Osmani
has stated.
According to him, to keep postponing the elections ‘is in no one’s interest, it isn’t in
the interest of the ruling parties or in the interest of the opposition, and certainly not
in the interest of the state.’

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