Increased excise tax will cause damages of up to 178 million euros a year


Zoran Zaev is filling the budget he emptied for criminal tenders from the pockets of the citizens and the economy. The raised excise tax of Zaev and Angelovska hit the citizens, as well as the economy. The damages will go up to 178 million euros annually only due to the increase of the excise tax, accuses VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski.

-Zaev made the freight transport more difficult and more expensive. Zaev takes up to 40 million euros annually from the pockets of the transporters who are the main link in the export and import in Macedonia. In a situation where I have problems worldwide with the transportation of goods, the government is helping them instead of helping the transporters. Due to the increased excise tax on a monthly basis for a truck that performs internal transport of goods, the costs have been increased to 350,000 denars, i.e. about 6,000 euros. If that truck transports goods on the route Skopje – Cologne, which is about 2000 km and performs 6 tours per month, the costs will only be around 2,100,000 denars more, i.e. 35,000 euros, just to increase the excise tax, he said.

Stoilkovski says that with the increase of the excise tax, Zaev is taking money from the farmers as well.

– Farmers should pay up to 2,729,202,000 denars annually or 44,377,268 euros more because Zaev decided to fill the budget on their backs.

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