Government does not allow financial award to the police


The Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, answering a reporter’s question at
Thursday's press conference, confirmed that the draft decree of the Minister of
Interior Nake Culev for a one-time and linear financial reward of 15,000 denars for all
police officers will not be accepted.
"I applaud the guards of our public order and peace. Many officials in other sectors
also advocated during this difficult period and worked 16-17 hours a week, including
Saturdays and Sundays. That is an incorrect proposal, if it is known that only two
days ago, Minister Culev submitted a proposal for cutting 88 million denars from the
expenses of the ministry,” Angelovska said.
Earlier, the Macedonian Police Union asked Minister Chulev to increase the salaries
of police officers by 20 percent for the months of April and May.
Employees of the Public Health Centers as well as all members of the Emergency
Medical Service will receive a 20 percent higher salary as a reward for the past two
months’ work.

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