Macedonia has the most devastating indicators in dealing with COVID-19 in the region


As expected, Macedonia reached the threshold of 2,000 people infected with the novel coronavirus at the beginning of the week, which was initially announced by Health Minister Venko Filipce as part of the prognosis from the beginning of the epidemic. However, what is worrying is that the number of infected people does not indicate a slowdown in the spread, but the creation of new clusters, and even more worrying are the comparisons of indicators with other countries in the region.

With 21 new cases in the past 24 hours, the number of infected people reached 1,999 on Monday. That is one point lower than the peak of two thousand patients initially announced by Health Minister Venko Filipce, and then to lower the expectations that at the very top of the infection in the country there will be 1,700 infected with coronavirus, a number that was exceeded on May 14th.

There have been no diseased in the country in the last 24 hours. Of the newly infected, 12 are in Skopje, 5 in Tetovo, 3 in Kumanovo and 1 in Stip. Only 258 tests were carried out, or half the tests that were carried out of Saturday or three times less than on Friday, when more than 700 tests were carried out.

17 patients recovered. Thus, the number of recovered patients is 1,439, with a total of 113 deaths, while the number of active cases is 447.

And while Montenegro has declared that it was the first European country to beat the coronavirus, and Slovenia has not had any new patients for four days in a row, Macedonia is breaking infamous records. The country remains the region’s leader in dark numbers of newly infected and diseased.

World statistics show that in the last 5 days in Macedonia have been registered 70 new cases per 1 million inhabitants. In Serbia there are 49, in Bulgaria 24, in Albania 17, and 4 new cases per 1 million inhabitants in Greece and Croatia in the last 5 days.

Macedonia has 54 diseased patients per 1 million inhabitants, most in the region. Serbia has twice as less, and Croatia has 24 diseased per 1 million inhabitants. Albania has the lowest death toll, at 11 per 1 million.

Serbia has a total of 1,277 cases per 1 million inhabitants, but Macedonia, with twice as less tests carried out, has a total of 959 cases per 1 million inhabitants. All countries in the region are better than Macedonia, and Greece stands the best with a total of 276 cases per 1 million inhabitants.

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