Mickoski: If elections are scheduled, extraordinary payments will be illegal


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in his interview with TV Klan Macedonia, pointed out that the third set of measures of the Government to help the economy can not be delivered due to a number of reasons. According to him, what is crucial is that the budget of the Republic of Macedonia does not have enough funds for payment and assistance to the Macedonian economy. Despite the fact that there are not enough funds, he stressed that if elections are scheduled, emergency payments will be illegal.

– Let’s say that the state of emergency ends on May 30 and we have elections in the next 60 days, which means about July 30 approximately. The Electoral Code is clear, these are extraordinary payments, Article 8A enters into force and no one has a dilemma here. Which means that any emergency payment made within those 60 days, before the day of the vote, or in the event of the dissolution of parliament, which is then counted under normal circumstances, will now be after the state of emergency is over. The ordinance itself states that Article 8A is suspended after the end of the state of emergency and the extraordinary payments cease. Not only can they not deliver this, but it is also illegal, says Mickoski.
Guaranteeing the debt of private companies to private banks, a measure that is part of the third package, is also illegal, he added, noting that the Minister herself is aware that this measure is not in accordance with the law.

– The competent minister receives this issue and says what I am saying now “I am aware that this cannot be done now, but we will make some legal changes”. They offer something they can’t legally deliver, Mickoski said.

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