Curfew ends as of Wednesday, protocols must be respected


As of Wednesday, the decision for a special regime of movement of the citizens on
the territory of the Republic of Macedonia ends.
– This decision was made on the basis of a detailed analysis of the current three-
month period after the diagnosis of the first case of coronavirus in the country. The
conclusion is that the recommendations and algorithms of the Committee for
Infectious Diseases are properly respected, and the undertaken measures have
given certain results, according to the Ministry of Health.
However, citizens must fully comply with the measures and recommendations of the
Ministry of Health to protect themselves against this virus, in addition to loosening
restrictive measures.

– It is necessary to wear protective equipment, frequent washing and disinfection of
hands, as well as maintaining the required physical distance of 1.5 to 2 meters. Only
by adhering to these measures can we protect the health and well-being of our loved
ones. It is up to all of us to deal successfully with coronavirus, said the Ministry of

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