Ending curfew is recognition of the government's failure to deal with the epidemic


Putting an end to the curfew on the entire territory of the country is recognition of
defeat and inability to deal with the episodes of the coronavirus, said Dr. Nikola
Panovski and pointed out that measures should be taken in Saraj, Cair and
Aerodrom,which are the three main hotspots.
"For me, it is unexpected from a medical point of view, and I do not see why the
measures would be relaxed now when the number of active cases is increasing, so
that these measures have no justification in that respect. It is another thing for them
to fall and be expected, "Panovski said.
“I claimed even before that the curfew should have been shortened as the day got
longer, and start at 9 pm or 10 pm. I don't know who they would open the borders
for, the first of June is very early and that no country will accept the citizens on the
1st of June. I am worried why it is suddenly so necessary to end curfew now."

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