Government to push each household 1.500 EUR deeper into debt by year end


After 66 days of restrictive measures in the country, we have a worse health and
economic situation than the ones we had at times when these measures were
introduced. This means that the system does not work, and the government does not
take the most effective methods to protect the standard and health of citizens, said
VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski at a press conference on Wednesday in
front of the party headquarters.
The opposition leader at the beginning of the crisis said he would not talk about the
health situation and would leave it to experts in the field, but would focus on the
economy, which he said was "increasingly worrying."
"What we can see so far is that the first two sets of measures did not help the
businesses. Those measures are insufficient. Not introduced on time, and all this is
confirmed by the poor half and below average usage. Most funds go to large
companies while medium and small businesses barely survive. As for the third set of
measures, it is a fog that the government is spreading before the elections. They talk
about money, about money they can't afford and they have a manipulative nature.
They create hopes that they are not able to realize and this sends a sad, but real
message that every businessman understands and has to do with the government of
Zaev and Spasovski, and that is that there is no real help ", said Mickoski and
pointed out that the total Increased debt at the end of 2020 without borrowing to help
the economy and citizens will be about 7 percent of GDP or it is somewhere around
95 thousand denars increased debt for each family, or 1500 euros increased debt for
each family in just one year.

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