Macedonia at the top of the list with coronavirus deaths, authorities claim the crisis is under control


While the government has consistently claimed that COVID-19 is completely under
control and the crisis management system is working well, Macedonia remains at the
top of the list in terms of the number of coronavirus deaths and the number of
infected people.
The government decided to list all restrictions as of Thursday, the catering facilities
are getting ready for reopening. And just a few days ago, the Committee on
Infectious Diseases proposed that citizens be quarantined from Saturday to
Tuesday. Politicians, putting themselves above science, decided to "shorten" the
quarantine, and immediately afterwards decided that there should be no more

The statistics for dealing with COVID-19, which the government says are successful,
are as follows:
In the region, Macedonia is convincingly at the top in terms of the number of
coronavirus deaths per 1 million inhabitants.
Aside from Romania, which has 63 cases, Macedonia has 56, Slovenia has 52,
Hungary 52, BiH 45, Serbia 27, Croatia 25, Bulgaria 19, Kosovo 17, Greece 17,
Montenegro 14, Albania 11.
And according to the number of infected, Macedonia is second on the list, after
Serbia, but Serbia has done far more tests for the coronavirus than Macedonia. The
least infected in the region are in Greece.
Macedonia remains at the bottom in terms of the number of tests conducted,
followed by Bulgaria and Albania. Slovenia is at the top in terms of testing, followed
by Serbia, Romania, BiH, Hungary, Montenegro, Croatia and Greece.

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