Salaries are higher, but it is far from what was promised, doctors say


“The promise of 100,000 denars salary for the specialists was not kept. The pre-election promise of SDSM from 2016 is far from being realized, although it was promised as certain until the end of the government’s term. The ambitious announcements were made, but only partially. “Salaries have gone up, but that is far from what was promised.”

Regarding the program, I can say that it has not been realized. Doctor specialist at the Clinical Center, as well as doctor specialist in tertiary health care has not achieved that salary of 100,000 denars, the current net salary is 55,370 denars – said Goran Begovic, president of the Trade Union of the Clinical Center.

What further revolts the medical profession is that even in such conditions, the government boasts that the salaries of doctors have reached 111,000 denars. But the truth is that this is a gross amount, not a net amount that is far from the pre-election promise.

A specialist doctor has a net salary of 55,370 denars, or as the minister says 84,177 denars. He pointed out 111,370 denars average gross salary, average salary collegial agreement does not imply. The collective agreement implies a basic salary and salary supplements for duty, adds Begovic.

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