Kindergartens to be closed again if there’s a second COVID-19 wave in September


If there is a second wave of coronavirus in September, there is a great possibility of closing kindergartens and schools het again.

“If this happens, as the World Health Organization warns all the time, restrictive measures will be introduced again, kindergartens and schools will certainly be closed,” Filipce said.

However, despite insisting on a figure, which means an increase in the number of infected, or what is the percentage that will decide to restore the restrictive measures, after the abolition of the curfew and the recommendation that people return to work on June 1, Filipce does not specify either a number or a percentage.

He says that this is calculated differently in different countries, and the situation is different now because health professionals know what they are facing and what pathology they can expect, and along the way health facilities have been strengthened, so restrictive measures will not be re-introduced.

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