Dr. Panovski: The measures were politically motivated and now we suffer the consequences


Dr. Nikola Panovski in his interview with the “Utrinski Brifing” TV show claims that the 9 pm curfew should be re-introduced immediately and to control the movement in the risk areas where there are the most infected. According to him, the measures must not be relaxed due to political reasons.

“These were political decisions and now the consequences are here. The Committee on infectious diseases must act based on science and expertise. In my opinion, they should not have eased the measures at all. So, the 9 pm curfew should be re-introduced immediately and people should not be allowed to go outside all night. Also, immediately control the risk areas. No one knows if the risk areas are being controlled. They cannot come to the Center when they think of it, but only when needed. The conscience of the citizens should be raised to a higher level and punished,” said Dr. Panovski.

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