“Colorful Revolution” activist: I urge Zaev to lie less!


I urge Zaev to lie less! – This how the TV show “Sto ne e jasno” with civil activist, former fierce supporter of the “Colorful Revolution” Blagojco Gjorgjiev ended. The former member of the special police force from Kocani, now a disabled person, is disappointed with the non-fulfillment of the promise made by the government while SDSM was in opposition.

“The law on disabled people has never been changed, and Tuntev and Zaev and everyone promised me. Then we saw that the common man suffers again and is unjustified and the rich with the millions enjoy again. Among the other unfulfilled promises that come to mind now is the Mercedes. There were pompous that they would sell it to buy ambulance vehicles, so we saw it scratched by cats, so that today they can ride in it again?! Well, don’t think that I am defending someone, but there is a convicted man for three years exactly for that “Mercedes”, while the Government is free to drive it,” says Gjorgjiev.

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