Allegations among Albanian parties of using the epidemic for political purposes


It is not the first time that DUI officials, such as those at the local and central level, have abused the pandemic situation for their party interests, the Alliance for Albanians said in a statement.

“DUI ministers, as was the case with Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi, promoted economic measures from the DUI headquarters, projects implemented with taxpayers’ money. Deputy Finance Minister Shiret Elezi did the same. This insulting practice, with the public health of the citizens, is practiced by the heads of the municipalities led by DUI, often choosing either the seat of DUI or its origin, forgetting that they as mayors should be in the interest of all citizens and not only their voters and party militants. The mayors of Debar, Hekuran Duka, and the mayor of Cair, Visar Ganiu, paraded in front of the DUI logo, which means that the party logo even during a pandemic is more important than the health and life of our citizens,” reads the statement.

The Alliance for Albanians calls on the Anti-Corruption Commission to react to the inappropriate behavior of DUI officials.

“We call on the Anti-Corruption Commission to react as soon as possible to the inappropriate behavior of DUI officials who put their institutional positions at the service of their ratings and available for political gain,” added the party in its response.

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