Epidemiologist: The easing of measures was a reckless move; it should have been postponed and intensified


One of the country’s leading epidemiologists and former Minister of Health Dr. Dragan Danilovski after a record number of new infections on Friday, a day after easing restrictive measures, warned that a sharp drop in measures was an ill-considered move by the government. The easing should have been postponed, he said.

“The easing of the measures should not have been equal for everyone. Namely, where in those regions where there were and there are, more infected, there the measures should have remained for some time,” says Prof. Dr. Dragan Danilovski.

The second wave, which according to the government is expected in the autumn months, is additionally worrying. Epidemiologists warn that right now we are experiencing the second wave of the virus, as evidenced by the statistics of WorldMeters, where we are second only to the state in terms of morbidity and mortality. Danilovski appeals to be intensely tested.

“My appeal has long been that the state must carry out as many tests as ever before. To locate as much as possible the infected and the invisible asymptomatic,” added epidemiologist Danilovski.

Doctors, without exception, have reacted to the loosening of the measures by saying that freedom of grouping, inherent in pre-election campaigns, could lead to disaster.

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