Sekerinska: Elections on July 5 for democratic institutions with full force and capacity


As a society and as responsible individuals, we must not allow the state to continue to function with a caretaker government, with numerous chances for a veto and without Parliament. The Parliament and the Government must be in full technical and political capacity in order to successfully implement the measures in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as all its consequences, said SDSM Vice President Radmila Sekerinska at a press conference in Bitola.

As the holder of the list of candidates for MPs in EU 5 and accompanied by the candidates for MPs, Sekerinska pointed out that the elections must be held on July 5.

“We must know that we have a responsibility to the citizens, to the state, and a special responsibility for the health of the citizens. We must not engage in endless negotiations that will hold citizens hostage, we must not be victims of endless negotiations only, and only because Mickoski is afraid of elections, and he sabotages through his ministers to the detriment of the citizens. Anyone who wants to postpone the elections, in fact, wants to continue the crisis, and thus does not wish well to the country or the citizens,” Sekerinska said.

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