Head of PPO for Organized Crime gets confused – first it was Zaev, then it was Jordan


Vilma Ruskovska went to one media outlet to another after she arrested Boki 13, Bojan Jovanovski accused in his closing remarks on the “Racket” case.

Jovanovski also explained one of her guest appearances on “Kanal 77” where Ruskovska did not know how to answer about who reported the case – Kamcev or Zaev.

“She was confused, first it was Zaev, then it was Jordan, she saw something – then she didn’t see it,” Jovanovski said.

We are not all equal before the law, says Jovanovski, while explaining how he went through detention but also because of Ruskovska’s attitude.

“While in prison, I was discriminated against because I was a “fagot”. Even the former prime minister called me a “fagot” and when the prime minister says that, he encourages everyone to call me that. And who was responsible for that? Zaev? No, no one was held accountable,” said Bojan Jovanovski.

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