SDSM’s desire for elections has become a major factor in the spread of coronavirus


SDSM let its activists on the field to distribute propaganda material and convince the citizens that they are the right choice. But, “the domestic calculation and the market one are not the same” is as the popular saying goes, so the calculations of the SDSM headquarters led by Zaev do not turn out according to their mathematics. Instead of the pandemic subsiding, it raged with all its might, and the party became a major factor in the spread of coronavirus.

When the desire is greater than the real possibilities, then it hits you in the head. First, SDSM Vice President Muhamed Zekiri came out with a statement that he was infected with the virus, followed by statements that Minister Damjan Mancevski was in contact with him, then Marjan Zabrcanec, Deputy Prime Minister Mila Carovska, who are now in self-isolation, although their tests came out negative. Due to contact, i.e. participation in a TV show Secretary General of VMRO-DPMNE, Igor Janushev, as well as the journalist of TV 24 Dusica Mrgja, are placed in self-isolation, as well as the Mayor of Cair ,Visar Ganiu.

Playing with fire, in this case with the coronavirus, is dangerous and affects everyone. So the party should put aside its empty desire for elections/government, so that innocent people won’t suffer the consequences. Do something good for your own people – don’t campaign in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so that both you and the citizens stay alive and well.

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