Businesses seek continued financial support with new economic measures


The Association of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia appeals for extensive
consultation and intensification of the dialogue with the relevant institutions in order
for the economic measures to have a positive effect on the real sector and to be
realistically applicable.

In times of health and economic crisis, companies are facing a challenge for their
survival, and the economy is experiencing a sharp decline. Entrepreneurs, small and
medium-sized enterprises that are a pillar of the national economy, employing over
80 percent of the total number of employed citizens in the private sector and
representing 99.8 percent of the registered legal entities, are particularly affected.
"The Association of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia is initiating the
continuation of economic measures for financial support of the Government, urgently
for an additional two months. It is also necessary to continue all measures for
postponing the claims on the basis of tax advances, loans, as well as penalties and
default interest until the end of the year. According to the Association’s analysis,
many companies are seriously affected by the crisis, and some have no income at all
to cover basic monthly expenses. In that regard, following the current situation, the
challenges facing companies are numerous, such as impaired liquidity, the struggle

for job retention and the struggle for survival due to the inability to perform business,"
said Danela Arsovska, President of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of
She added that the private sector needs institutional support to enable the economy
to move continuously. The initiative of the Association has been officially submitted
to the Government for urgent consideration.

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