Macedonia ranks 2nd in Europe for quality of mobile services


In the published ranking of the quality of mobile services in Europe at the state level
by in the Top Topic section, our country is positioned in the high
second place with 913 points just behind the Netherlands with 914 points, and is
ahead of Austria (902) and Switzerland (899).
Second best of the countries in the region is Croatia (872) in 12th place, followed by
Serbia (871) in 13th place, announced the Agency for Electronic Communications
(AEC) which has the authority to control and measure public quality parameters of
electronic communication services.
In February last year, AEC adopted a Rulebook on the quality parameters of the
public electronic communication services that are realized through a public radio and
communication network. The Rulebook obliges the operators to provide a certain
minimum quality of the services they provide through radio communication services.
AEK also notes that the measurement methodology implemented for LTE technology
has been accepted by the European Communications Office (ECC), is formalized in
the ESS Report 256 (LTE Coverage Measurements) document and is a type of
guide that provides guidance to European LTE metering regulators. As a
confirmation of the results of such a measure that they have implemented in
practice, AEK emphasizes, the ranking of the quality of mobile services in Europe of in the Top Topic section was published on the 5th of May.

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