Police officers throw party amid epidemic, special forces intervene


A group of police officers were detained last night in the Kratovo village of Kuklica, after they were caught throwing a party with loud music and shouting. The police officers were reported by the local residents who were disturbed by the loud music.

The police found seven members of the Ministry of Interior, who instead of implementing it, violated the ban on gathering and grouping with their behavior.

There were about 15 people at the party. The police resisted an attempt to arrest after which the Speacial Unit was called. They were taken by handcuffs to the competent police station. The case has been reported to the Prosecutor’s Office, which will now have to act and demand that they be punished for non-compliance with the measures.

With their behavior, the members of the police violated Article 206 of the Criminal Code and did not act in accordance with the health regulations at the time of the epidemic.

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