SDSM failed with the coronacrisis because it was eager for elections, says Nikoloski


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski points out that the irresponsibility of the current government can lead the country to an unpleasant state of health, and the figures from the newly ill these days speak for themselves.

Nikoloski urged the government to dedicate itself to solving problems, and not to creating new problems that do not go in favor of the country.

“Dozens and dozens of new patients and unfortunately people who are losing the battle with the corona virus I think is unacceptable,” Nikoloski said.

He also referred to the elections and pointed out that elections at a time when Macedonia is facing large-scale epidemics should not exist, we should wait, because in the first place should always be the citizens and their health.

“Unfortunately, Macedonia is failing, and we do not have to compare it with Europe and the world, here we can only compare it with the region and see how much it fails. Unfortunately, the result is this failure, and the reason is the rush to the elections, because Zaev hopes that with quick elections there will be a smaller defeat,” Nikoloski said.
He says that this way, as SDSM thinks that quick elections will reduce the defeat is irresponsible and inhumane.

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