Priests against lockdown over Duhovden: The sick are from iftars, cemeteries are outdoors


„The cemeteries are outdoors, where there is fresh air, each grave is 2 meters away and according to this, I do not see any danger that the believers of the suffocation will be infected by the coronavirus,” said Metropolitan Petar of Pelagonija-Prespa, who opposes lockdown and curfew for Duhovden (All Souls’ Day). Although there is a large number of infected people in Butel municipality where the city cemetery is, he still says that there is no potential danger of infection because the patients who are counted the days were from the iftar evenings that were held indoors.

“It is known that the patients in the past few days are from certain clusters, spread in several municipalities as a result of the contacts on the iftar evenings. The iftars were held indoors, while Duhovden will be outdoors. I do not see a problem in depriving believers of the right to pay tribute to the dead. They quarantined the believers for Easter, and we were silent then, the problem was church gatherings. But that’s not the case now, so I think if there’s a lockdown again, it would be too much,” said Metropolitan Petar.

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