Lockdown creates traffic jams and crowds that will affect the spread of COVID-19


The government introduces measures that are reckless and just enough to say that something is being done to prevent the spread of the infection, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in his guest appearance on the show “Click Plus” on TV 21.

According to the leader of the opposition, the lockdown has been introduced without analysis and is a pure formality that has created crowds in the cities, and given the photos of the exits from the cities where a three-day lockdown has been introduced, it will accelerate the spread of the COVID- 19 virus.

“I will try to speak arithmetically, I will not speak philosophically, when you introduce a measure that measure should have some result ,and you expect from that measure some result, i.e. to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect the health of as many people as possible and to reduce the number of people who will lose their lives. And what happened now?? Several cities were put under lockdown, including the capital Skopje, we witnessed today on social media and I guess the media reported what kind of crowds and were happening in the markets in front of the big supermarkets, local grocery stores. People have practically created such a mess because you are not introduced in the short term, you are introducing a lockdown that will last from Thursday to Monday,” Mickoski said.

He warned that it was now a question of whether the situation with the coronavirus might have worsened further while the crowds in the supermarkets were taking place.

“Furthermore, you have a serious group of citizens who left the capital today and headed to other cities throughout the country, which means that if Skopje is the main hotspot, it can very easily spread to other cities. Then you have the lockdown in Tetovo and Bogovinje, you do not have it in Gostivar. I just think that unplanned measures are being taken again without sufficient analysis of how those measures will be implemented in practice and I think that these measures that they brought under pressure are practically measures that should only be called measures, otherwise in practice I think they will further accelerate the spread of the pandemic and will further contribute to our problems,” Mickoski said.

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