Telma TV editor-in-chief: The July 5 elections are not a solution to the crisis, only those who do not believe COVID-19 exist will vote


Director and editor-in-chief of Telma TV, Atanas Kirovski says a solution should be sought to get out of the current crisis, but the July 5 elections cannot be a solution. If not, about 30 percent will vote, which means only those that believe that COVID-9 does not exist, and those who think normally will not go to the polls.

Kirovski posted his opinion on Facebook.

“Currently we have a mathematical progression of the increase in infected – today the number of newly infected will be over 170!!! This figure is already a trend of exponential growth. In such conditions, the state must look for some kind of a solution – elections on July 5 cannot be the solution. In such conditions, the turnout will be less than 30 percent, and the future of the country will be decided only by those who do not believe that COVID-19 exists, who think that all this is a conspiracy because of 5G technologies, that they are sprayed with aluminum and so on. It is necessary to enable an election process in which those who think normally will vote, and in such conditions they will certainly not go to the polls and risk their health. Therefore, we need some kind of a quick plan B – because plan A is definitely failing in all aspects. I do not want to predict what awaits us if we are forced with exponential growth of newly infected,” wrote Atanas Kirovski.

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