Mickoski: The COVID-19 situation is dramatic, but the economy is just as bad


The COVID-19 situation is becoming dramatic. It is definite that the government has
no plan, no direction and, as the people say, it does not know where it is going,
VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said today in a statement to the media.

-The huge number of infected people confirms that things are getting out of control
and any attempt to relativize things is harmful and is an underestimation of the
infection. And underestimating the virus means that it will continue to spread. They
ignored each of our recommendations, and that's why we're dealing with the worst
virus in the neighborhood. The theses that the virus weakens in its action are
dangerous, such a scientific thesis has not yet been proven. And even more
dangerous is the claim that the government has control and knows the clusters. The
number of newly infected does not confirm this. This is not a political stubbornness,
but a harsh reality that pays off with people's lives. We need a strategy, not PR
manifestations of power in which they do not give answers to the questions. And the
disaster in health care is reflected in the economy. Things are equally dramatic
Today I will speak about several parameters, says Mickoski.
He adds that namely we will start with the way the PRO collects taxes, because the
collection of taxes is one of the first indicators in which direction our Macedonian
economy is moving.
-If we follow the structure of collected taxes, we will come to the next conclusion that
from the planned 1.2 billion profit tax, just over half or more than 660 million denars
have been collected. The failure is as high as 45 percent.
– When it comes to personal income tax from the plan of 1.648 billion denars, more
than 1.2 billion denars have been collected or the failure is about 25 percent.
– The biggest failure is when we talk about the value added tax and if it was planned
for just over 4.7 billion denars, it is realized in the amount of less than 2.5 billion
denars or a failure of more than 47 percent.
– And the last indicator that I want to talk about today and which says that the
situation in the economy is alarming is practically filling the budget in the first five
months. Because 70 or more percent of the budget is allocated to the PRO, and the
rest are other total revenues that make up the full state budget.
Namely, as things stand here, the capital investments that we appeal to from the
beginning of the year to be robust, intensive because only in that way we can keep
the real sector healthy, are catastrophic. That is, their level does not exceed 60
million euros in the first five months. That's about 18.5% of the plan provided for in
the budget review.

– When it comes to the deficit or, in popular parlance, the additional increased debt
that will fall on the shoulders of the citizens and families in the Republic of
Macedonia, I can say that the situation is also alarming. It is a new debt, or a new
deficit in the first five months of as much as 307 million euros. I repeat 307 million
euros. Either every family in the Republic of Macedonia is obliged to pay 38,000
denars or to be more precise about 615 euros.
In May alone, the debt increased by as much as 110 million euros, or each family
borrowed as much as 220 euros in May alone. If the planned dynamics continue,
which I doubt, because I appreciate that it will also be missed, the debt will be a few
percent higher. By the end of the year, each Macedonian family will be in charge of
an additional 1,500 euros. I repeat, every Macedonian family will be indebted at the
end of the year for as much as 1,500 euros, says Mickoski.
He adds that the health situation is catastrophic, and the state of the economy is

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