VMRO-DPMNE: Macedonia is by far the worst example of the fight against the epidemic in Europe


Zaev and Filipce, by harassing the citizens, want to convince them that they are
committed and that they are taking measures to suppress the coronavirus. It is risky
for them if people have recreational time in Skopje or go to the market according to
the protocols, but if they leave the city, then there is no problem. The number of
infected and dead reveals their incompetence. Macedonia is by far the worst
example of the fight against the epidemic in Europe, VMRO-DPMNE said in a
“Yesterday's number of 180 newly infected is just another proof of the incompetence
of this Government. At a time when the coronavirus is subsiding in the region, the
virus is gaining momentum in Macedonia with 180 new cases, just because of the
government's incompetence. A total of 1,009 active cases and 149 deaths speak of
an incompetent government that only cares about its own interests. Proof of the
recklessness of this government is yesterday's press conference held by Slavjanka
Petroska. Petrovska held a press conference in favor of Zaev, although she was
ordered to self-isolate with a decision of the IPH, as reported by the media. If
Slavjanka Petrovska has an order for self-isolation, she violated Article 2, paragraph
2 of the Government Decree on the application of the law on protection of the
population from infectious diseases and committed a crime punishable by law,” the
party said.

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