Dr. Zafirovski: The cure for coronavirus is in building a strategy, not in conducting daily politics


The cure for coronavirus is discussed in countries around the world, and the number
of newly diagnosed with COVID-19 is declining everywhere. But, unfortunately, only
in our country does it grow, stated Dr. Oliver Zafirovski of VMRO-DPMNE at a press
-We are the only ones talking about a high number of newly infected, only we are
counting the dead from the coronavirus. Only in our country does the game with
curfew continue. Macedonia is still living the second wave of coronavirus, otherwise
expected for this fall. So much was the success of the authorities in dealing with the
coronacrisis. And now, instead of referring to the Commission for Infectious
Diseases, which has lost all credibility because it has succumbed to strong political
pressure from the government, they should do their best to bring the epidemic under
control. The cure for that is also known, the cure is the profession and the health
care professionals in building a strategy, and not in conducting daily politics, says
He adds that this is why professionals are needed who will act only according to the
standards and the world protocols for the COVID-19 treatment, are in the name of
the health of our citizens.
– In the coming period, we should be even more careful not to let a third wave
happen to us continuously. Let's not get into a situation where this game with a few
days quarantine lasts longer. Only when control of the coronavirus epidemic is
established and when the condition begins to normalize will we talk about other
topics. Now the only goal of all involved in this epidemic should and must be only the
health of citizens. Those who have shown themselves to be incompetent,
inexperienced, it is time to leave. And in relation to politicians who love their people
so much instead of interfering in healthcare or collecting some cheap political points.

Let them start solving the difficult economic crisis, in which the whole of Macedonia
is sinking, Zafirovski pointed out.

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