Unions demand full salaries for COVID-19 patients and workers in isolation


The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) demands that the workers infected with COVID-19 coronavirus, workers in isolation or in isolation due to exposure to COVID- 19, be paid sick pay, i.e. compensation for occupational disease in height of 100 percent.

“In the past, we have witnessed a large number of workers not through their own fault, or who have contracted COVID-19, or are in isolation or self-isolation due to contact with another worker who has been exposed to the contagious disease, whether at work or during transport. to and from the workplaces and for that reason it is necessary for the Government, immediately by adopting a Decree to regulate the status of those workers and to prevent the payment of a salary lower than 100 percent as compensation for sick pay, i.e. during temporary incapacity for work”, reads the statement released by SSM.

This decree, according to the union, will prevent all unscrupulous employers from violating the rights of workers in those extremely complex and difficult moments for them, and thus will ensure the security of wages and the existence of workers in order to overcome such condition.

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