Government manipulates the number of newly infected on a daily basis


The coronavirus status is alarming. Instead of showing real care for the citizens, the government is taking nebulous measures that absolutely no one benefits from, said Dr. Marija Andonovska at today’s press conference.

– Measures need to be taken at the right time, not measures without effect, overdue or at the wrong time. Not only are there no appropriate measures at the right time, but the number of new patients on a daily basis is also being manipulated, as well as the fact that the virus is weakening and under their control. They said that we have a peak when thirty people were sick every day, and now that we have three times more patients on a daily basis, they say that the virus is weakening. Filipce and Zaev should be aware that the health of the citizens must be the priority. In the countries of the region, Macedonia has become the number one news! Yes, the number one news and everyone is wondering how the virus subsided everywhere, but not in Macedonia, she said.

Andonovska pointed out that Filipce and Zaev should give an answer, but not only that. Filipce and Zaev should acknowledge their failures, correct themselves and take responsibility.

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