WHO’s Dr. Tawilah points out: It is not true that coronavirus is getting weaker


The head of the WHO office in Macedonia, Dr. Jihane Tawilah, categorically rejects the claims that have been made in the recent period that the coronavirus is losing its strength.

On Alsat M TV’s “Programa 200” show, she said it was just a wish we all wanted, adding that previous observations and laboratory tests showed that the COVID-19 virus did not show any changes in its strength.

– No. Maybe it’s something we all wish for, but it’s not true. Because of course, when viruses multiply, they can become very virulent, or less virulent, this is what we know about viruses in general. But previous observations and laboratory tests and genetic sequences of the virus tell us that the virus that causes the disease COVID-19, does not show real-time changes, Tawilah said when asked if the arguments were true that the virus loses strength.

She stressed that the health authorities should increase the number of tests, ie that tests to determine COVID-19 should be performed as much as possible.

Tawilah described the virus as “horrible and deadly”. According to her, the elections could be organized taking into account the protection protocols, but as in the case of other groupings, she stressed that there was no 100 percent guarantee that it was not dangerous.

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