Anti-corruption opens a case against the first set of economic measures


The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption opened a case for the first set of economic measures and asked the Government for documents and data on who received and who was rejected and why, informed the President of SCPC Biljana Ivanovska at today’s press conference.

Asked whether a possible conflict of interest would be investigated for Koco Angjusev, who as a government adviser participates in the creation of the measures, Ivanovska said that it was already the subject of research and a request was submitted to the Government for the necessary data on the case concerning the first measure, where recipients of state aid are also companies with good financial condition, upon application from other companies that have been rejected.

“Argument plus, which you say as an advisor participates in order to gain economic benefit on the other hand, because as an economic advisor it can influence the determination of the criteria that will form the measure.” In that direction, our consideration of the case would go,” Ivanovska said.

The question for the SCPC, Ivanovska points out, is whether accountability, transparency and the right to participate in the measure are provided, i.e. what were the criteria, who had the right to receive and how the companies were selected, and the second question is whether Koco Angjusev as a member of that council will affects the definition of the criteria that will form the measures, and then to appear as a user of the same.

The SCPC, Ivanovska added, would also review information on the criteria and awarding the decision to civil society organizations.

Regarding other measures, such as the domestic payment cards, Ivanovska said that the SCPC indicated that it was necessary to publicly publish the entire list of all winners of those cards to check whether there is a system error, and that the measures should not be repeated, which have already been met or, to advertise measures that will not be implemented in due course.

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