Culev: The accusations against me are political due to the upcoming elections


Opposition-nominated Interior Minister Nake Culev has blamed the government and the ruling party for the drastic increase in the number of newly diagnosed COVID-19 cases in the country ahead of parliamentary elections.

“All decisions and regulations adopted by the Government, regardless of the fact that I once had a different opinion and pointed out certain difficulties in implementing certain decisions on the ground, in the Ministry of Interior, through the Public Security Bureau, on a daily basis we made coordinates and maximum we advocated for their most effective implementation. I must say that the Ministry of Interior in this period is burdened, we have numerous obligations, we have limiting capacities,” said Culev.

He stressed that the Ministry of Interior is acting in cases where curfew was violated.

“Controls of police actions in all sectors of the interior are underway. Given the huge volume of work activities and tasks, and the huge number of members of MoI employees, mistakes and omissions are possible, and I am not saying that no mistakes were made. Mistakes have been made and I apologize on my behalf. However, in general, I am satisfied with the actions of the members of the Ministry of Interior, because they are on the ground around the clock, under enormous pressure from the public. The police cannot everywhere, in every place, in every market,” Culev said.

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