Payment cards chaos – Instead of 3,000, some people received 300 denars, others huge sums of money


Instead of 3,000 denars, some citizens received only 322 denars, while pensioners who do not even qualify, received huge sums of money in their accounts. Some complain that they are not on the list on the website, which has not worked for most of the time.

An avalanche of reactions on social media after the names of citizens who will receive money to buy domestic products came to light, and most of those revolted are young people who were rejected, especially those under 18 who do not have an ID card. High school and university students aged 16 to 29 qualify for payment cards.

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Mila Carovska did not say anything about the problems with the payment cards. She passed the responsibility to the Ministry of Finance.

The trade union of the Stip hospital also reacted to the non-transparent distribution of the money, where many health workers who were infected were not on the list. Therefore, they consider this act as a shameful and bad step. Medical workers have a card with 40% of the net salary.

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