Without a purified list and an observation mission, the country is not ready for elections


Yesterday’s shortened leaders’ meeting in the presidential Vodno villa did not result in a solution. Informal briefings appear to have uncovered other aspects needed for a transparent election process.

VMRO-DPMNE briefed that in addition to the abstracts of preserving and protecting the health of citizens, practically Zaev is pushing for elections without a purified list and without a secured observation mission.

Zaev on the arguments that the corona infection is out of control pointed out that this is the reality and the state will not do anything more.

Mickoski expressed the view that it is not serious to bid with dates that are the form, and the essence of the solution is how much the state is able to protect health in these circumstances of coronavirus infection and provide a transparent election process.

The two leaders have left room for talks, but whether there will be a solution we will see in the coming days.

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