Over  20,000 remarks sent for the domestic payment cards


Over 20,000 emails with remarks were received by the General Secretariat of the Government from citizens who meet the conditions for obtaining a card with 3,000 denars, and could not be found on the list of users of the domestic payment card kupuvajdomasno.gov.mk. Many of them are high school and university students, and the authorities announce that anyone who meets the requirements will receive funds.

According to available data, about 324,500 citizens should receive payment cards, for which 28 million euros have been allocated. Their assignment began on Friday through banks. So far, about 50,000 cards have been made by the banks, and by July 18, all cards that can be used until August 15 this year will be awarded.

“No citizen or student or high school pupil, or anyone else on the list, was left behind, without financial support and without a payment card, because it is a non-selective, transparent process of establishing clear conditions without application procedures, without the need for a human factor to decide whether or not someone should be on the list or meet or not meet the criteria. That is what the data available to the institutions give us,” Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska said Saturday.

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