Deputy Prime Minister warns: Let’s not add a political crisis to the health crisis


The last day of the state of emergency has passed, which was the basic condition for freezing the election activities in the run-up to the upcoming parliamentary elections. But, with the formal end of the state of emergency, unfortunately, we are entering an even greater state of political emergency that threatens to grow into a political crisis that at least at this moment we absolutely do not need – said DUI spokesperson and  Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani today’s press conference.

I expect all political stakeholders to present their positions and proposals on how they think we should end this situation, but also urge political leaders to stop all election tactics and prioritize the seriousness in which we find ourselves.  And regardless of the fact that the responsibility for this eventual failure is entirely ours, domestic, I want to extend this call to our international friends. I am thinking primarily of our strategic partners.

The United States, as well as our immediate allies, the European Union – whose influence and, above all, its authority among the citizens, can be extremely helpful in preventing a new political crisis.

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