Prisoners refuse to obey; no contact with their families for four months, management panics


The convicts who have been serving their sentences in the Idrizovo Penitentiary
since this morning have refused to obey. Namely, the prisoners have been under the
pretext of elections, the pandemic, and the elections have been denied all the
benefits that are due to them by law for three months now. For more than three
months, convicts have been banned from seeing their families, as well as using other
amenities, weekends, free hours, working in companies, vacations, etc.

Convicts who have been treated and placed in a semi-open and open ward today
refused to obey the prison guards. They expressed outrage at the prison
administration's lack of interest in finding and offering solutions with various excuses
that "it was said so from above" and that they could not do anything, the website
According to the information we receive from the prison, the management has been
panicking since this morning and is trying to negotiate with the prisoners about their
demands, all in order not to escalate the situation.
About 1,800 prisoners are incarcerated in the Idrizovo Penitentiary.

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