Health Ministry: We’re mobilizing entire healthcare system


The Ministry of Health said a rotation system has been set in place to reinforce capacity of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and the “8 September” hospital with medical staff and better deal with the coronavirus.

According to the Ministry, 54 doctors and nurses have been reassigned from public health institutions across the country.

“We’re mobilizing the entire healthcare system to successfully overcome the second wave impact. By putting together an additional team we’re providing substantial help to employees of these two institutions in dealing with this unpredictable virus,” Health Minister Venk Filipce said.

“I urge everyone to listen to our doctors’ advice, follow protection measures, not to group, to wear protective face masks and wash hands often. We must be aware that it’s only up to us. Let’s stick to the protection measures without exception,” Filipce added.

In addition, the modular hospital set up next to the Clinic for Infectious Diseases has been put into function, and three patients have been admitted there. The hospital is fully equipped and has 72 beds.

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