“Racket” case lawyer: The verdict is brutal and not based on evidence

“Racket” case lawyer, Sasko Dukovski

Today’s verdict was expected from the beginning of this trial. We knew it would be such a brutal punishment and this verdict is the least based on evidence, said after the announcement of the verdict for “Racket” the defense attorney of the convicted Bojan Jovanovski, lawyer Sasko Dukovski.

He pointed out that no expertise had been prepared, and the court in its explanation of the guilt referred to some evidence.

– I really don’t understand what evidence, but that’s it. Our fight does not end here and I think it is not fair, when it was finally mentioned that the temporary measure was rejected in the court in Strasbourg, the judge should have added that the application was really rejected, but the application was accepted – said Dukovski.

Asked whether the prosecution had proved where the money ended up, Dukovski said there was a video showing money for three seconds, after which a person carried a bag that seemed as light as air.

– This is a construction from the very beginning, with the great help of the co-executor who enters and leaves the detention center whenever he wants and how he wants. There are absolutely double standards – said Dukovski.

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