DUI: As Gruevski failed, neither Zaev nor Mickoski will be able to prevent an Albanian from becoming Prime Minister of Macedonia


“SDSM and VMRO can have many differences, but when it comes to non-acceptance of the Albanian community at the top of the government, they are the same. But if we Albanians unite for an Albanian Prime Minister, none of them can stop us, says DUI.
“DUI’s ultimatum for an Albanian prime minister will take us away from the coalition, instead of bringing us closer,” said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski, copying his SDSM homologue Zoran Zaev, who just a few days ago strongly opposed the idea of ​​an Albanian PM. If DUI has such a condition for a governing coalition, then DUI will not be part of the next government. But this is not the only example when SDSM and VMRO show their consensus of the government reserved exclusively for the Macedonian parties. Gruevski officially targeted 61 MPs in the 2016 elections to remove the influence of Albanians in political decisions. Zaev confirmed the same in March 2020,” says DUI.

The party says that just as Gruevski failed at the time, Zaev and Mickoski will also fail to eliminate the key influence of Albanians in Macedonian politics.

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