VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General: The list of racketeered citizens whose money will buy Zaev votes is long


After yesterday’s “bomb”, the entire Macedonian public realized that the list of racketeered citizens by the Zaev brothers is long, VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev wrote on Facebook, adding that it is obvious that they will use the money to buy votes, and act concerned and donate food packages to the poor.

Janushev says that people do not believe the lies and manipulations behind which they are hiding, and that yesterday the public heard who gave instructions for racketeering.

“What else don’t we know of the” Racket” case? How truthful are Bojan Jovanovski’s words that he said the day before yesterday in the courtroom: “Look for the money with Zoran and Vice Zaev. Will they finally agree and say who reported the case? Or do they think that the people are blind and do not see what agreements have fallen out of the public eye? You have been revealed! The obvious lies burst like bubbles, less than a month before your political end. Do you have a plan for what happens next? You are aware that justice will come to you, you are aware and you are afraid. You threw the strings out of your hands because you played dishonestly with the people. But, the people will make you pay you dearly for that game, your bill comes on July 15,” Janusev wrote.

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