Zaev: DUI going into opposition after 17 years is healthy for the country


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev has again rejected DUI’s idea of ‘an Albanian Prime Minister’ as unacceptable, saying the national-populist concept would result in DUI’s loss and transfer into the opposition.

Zaev told a press conference on Monday that DUI going into opposition after 17 years is healthy for the country, but also for the party itself, because it can improve and reform.

He said no one should accept ultimatums, especially not now, when a multiethnic coalition has been established for the first time on record, representing the strongest guarantee for the citizen concept.

“What we see from DUI is just a national-populist concept  and nothing else. I believe DUI will lose because of this, since we need to see citizens as candidates, equal, capable and committed people who have built their credibility, people who are committed to serve the citizens, people of integrity,” said Zaev.

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