Lawyer Dukovski: Jovanovski was put in jail to cover up the big "players"


Bojan Jovanovski's lawyer in the “Racket” case, Saso Dukovski, says the court has a
tendentious approach to the case.
Regarding the verdict that was handed down to his client Bojan Jovanovski for nine
years in prison, he said that it was an incorrect decision that was not supported by

He says his client, Jovanovski, is not the main figure in the Racket case and has
been abused.
– Nothing indicates that Bojan Jovanovski has any connection with the racketeering.
The court has definitely made a decision that will have to be reconsidered in the
future because this way of making decisions does not suit such a serious institution,
says Dukovski.
He added that the court made political decisions and that the whole procedure
indicated that all parties in the case only wanted to imprison Bojan Jovanovski and
save bigger "players" who had illegal contact with that money.

„ШТО НЕ Е ЈАСНО?“ – со Катерина Гетева, „РЕКЕТ – ПРЕСУДА ИЛИ ПОЛИТИЧКА ПРАВДА?“, гостин: САШО ДУКОВСКИ – адвокат на Бојан Јовановски

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