Grape growers demand at least 11 denars per kilogram of “Smederevka” and 13 denars of “Vranec”


A minimum of 11 denars per kilogram of “Smederevka” and 13 per kilogram of “Vranec”, plus additional subsidies from the state, is required by the regional Association “Advanced Viticulture” from Kavadarci, which represents the grape growers from the Tikves region.

“These prices refer to 17 units of sugar” Smederevka “and 19 maligans to” Vranec “. As sugar grows, so do prices. According to current knowledge from the field, this year we have a good and quality yield. The corona has prevented us a bit in our activities, but we are still working on determining the needs of grapes in wineries and other buyers, and we are considering the possibilities for exporting grapes,” the Association told MIA.

A small meeting is scheduled for the evening for all open issues related to the production and sale of grapes from this year’s crop. The meeting will respect all measures to protect against coronavirus.

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