VMRO DPMNE has three-percent lead over SDSM, according to BIPS Institute poll


VMRO-DPMNE enjoys the greatest trust among Macedonian citizens, according to a poll conducted by the BIPS Institute.

The BIPS Institute deals with research and analysis in the field of security and democratization of human rights and freedoms.

The poll was conducted by telephone in the period from 16.06.2020 – 19.06.2020 with 1,523 respondents, taking into account the demographic structure and ethnicity. The analysis covers all electoral districts. The margin of error is 1.5% plus or minus.

  1. Which party would you vote for in the July 15 parliamentary elections?

SDSM/BESA Coalition 21.4%

Levica 1%


DUI 4.1%

Alliance for Albanians 3%

DPA 0.6%

Others 3.5%

Won’t say 18%

Won’t vote 23.9%

VMRO-DPMNE has the support of 24.5%, and SDSM of 21.4%.

In five of the six electoral districts, according to the latest poll, VMRO-DPMNE’s candidates hold the lead over SDSM candidates.

  1. Which party would you vote for in the July 15 parliamentary elections? (By electoral districts)

Results in ED 1

Nikola Dimitrov (SDSM/BESA) 21.7%

Dimitar Apasiev (Levica) 3%

Gordana Siljanovska Davkova (VMRO-DPMNE) 25.9%

Izet Mexhiti (DUI) 4%

Skender Demiri (DPA) 0.9%

Skender Rehxepi Zeid (Alliance-Alternativa) 3.7%

Nimetula Demiri (DPA) 0.9%

Others 2.8%

Won’t say 17%

Won’t vote 21%

Results in ED 2

Ljupco Nikolovski (SDSM/BESA) 22.6%

Borislav Krmov (Levica) 0.1%

Igor Janusev (VMRO-DPMNE) 29.3%

Bekim Neziri (DUI) 0.5%

Others 4.7%

Won’t say 19%

Won’t vote 23.8%

Results in ED 3

Zoran Zaev (SDSM/BESA) 23.7%

Branko Ristov (Levica)  0.2%

Aleksandar Nikoloski (VMRO-DPMNE) 25.8%

Sead Zejdel (DUI)  0.3%

Others  4.9%

Won’t say  23.3%

Won’t vote 21.8%

Results in ED 4

Radmila Sekerinska (SDSM/BESA) 19.2%

Jovana Mojsoska (Levica)  0.1%

Igor Durlovski (VMRO-DPMNE) 24%

Talat Xhaferi (DUI)  3.9%

Surija Rashidi (Alliance/Alternativa) 3.4 %

Vasfi Doko (DPA) 0.2%

Others  5.1%

Won’t say  20.7%

Won’t vote 23.4%

Results in ED 6

Bilal Kasami (SDSM/BESA) 16.6%

Dafina Stojanoska (VMRO-DPMNE) 13.9%

Ali Ahmeti (DUI)  17.5%

Zijadin Sela (Alliance/Alternativa) 11.6%

Menduh Thaci (DPA) 2.6%

Others   1.3%

Won’t say 15.8%

Won’t vote 20.7%


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