Record of the interrogation of Den Doncev will be sent to the Public Prosecutor's Office, says Culev


Minister of Interior Nake Culev says that the record made yesterday by the
inspectors for organized crime from PS Karpos from the interrogation of Den
Doncev, will be sent to the Public Prosecutor's Office sometime today.

Culev, during his visit to SIA Kumanovo, said that from the interrogation of Doncev,
which lasted about 40 minutes, data were collected for the video that was released
to the public, which is claimed to show Doncev taking money.
– After the public call of the Prosecutor's Office that the video should be handled by
the Ministry of Interior and the Financial Police, the Ministry of Interior called former
director of the Health Insurance Fund Den Doncev for questioning, said Minister
Nake Culev.
Den Doncev was summoned for an interview at PS Karpos yesterday afternoon.
Earlier, the Public Prosecutor's Office declared itself incompetent to act on the video
that appeared in public and called on the publishers to submit the materials to the
prosecution or the police.

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