About 1.8 million voters registered on Voter List


President of the State Election Commission (SEC) Oliver Derkoski and Minister of
Interior Nake Culev emphasized that they have a high level of cooperation at today's
joint press conference.
“The Voter List will probably be closed on Wednesday. Data has been processed,
the exact number is still unknown, but it will be around 1,814,000,” said State
Election Commission President Derkoski. Answering a journalist's question, he said
that so far there were not many requests for replacement of members and deputies
from the election boards.
“According to the Law, the criteria that need to be met in order to be exempted from
a member and deputy member of the Election Board are known. I am pleased that
the number of such requests is not large. We should all be aware that we should
give our contribution as citizens of this country in order to conduct the election
process in the best possible way,” said Derkoski.

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