Siljanoska Davkova: There will be 40 percent women in politics like in the Scandinavian countries


Holder of VMRO-DPMNE’s list in the first electoral district Gordana Siljanoska
Davkova, during the visit to the village of Sisevo in the municipality of Saraj, said that
VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition “For the Renewal of Macedonia” pledges for 40%
representation of women in politics following the example of the Scandinavian
“There will be 40 percent women in politics. I believe that’s something like in the
Scandinavian countries. It is not a concession, but it is an awareness that there is a
lot of unused knowledge, mind creation, because men will agree that we women
have a harder life but it makes us stronger and if you add parenting, motherhood
then the responsibility is here,” Siljanoska Davkova said.
She stressed that VMRO DPMNE is the only party that cares about Macedonian
interests and that more and more people recognize this and join the core of that
party and the coalition “For the Renewal of Macedonia”.
“There is no place in my heart and my mind for “North”, that is simply impossible.
When you were born in Macedonia when you grow up in Macedonia when you
achieved everything in life in Macedonia, how can you die now in the “North”, and
there was no war, the territory is the same and everything in my life related to identity
was related to Macedonian language, Macedonian state, Macedonian people's
liberation war and there comes a time when more and more people, especially those
abroad in the diaspora, say we are all VMRO, said Siljanoska Davkova.

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